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Please Help Source Me A Car.


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Hey all.

The Yaris T sport is sold to a happy new owner.

I'm looking for a clean MK III supra turbo, in manual.

Auto trader & Piston heads are not bring much up, just a nice auto.

Can anyone help me?

Maybe I should look for an importer? Who would I see?

I have no wheels at the moment so it feels like my legs have been cut off.

Kind Regards.

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How about a few more details? Are you in the UK - if so where? WhatWhat budget do you have? Etc.

Hi mate. I'm in the UK. Budget up to 5 grand Max. I've heard there's the JDM 2.5 twin tubby version which is 280 bhp & more reliable. Problem is they never come up. Said to be like rocking horse !Removed!. I'd like a K reg that's very clean. Seen a mint UK auto not far away but manual would be best. Although the auto maybe less thrashed.

I'm waiting for acceptance to the mkiii forum but the moderators must not be about. I can see a guy selling a red one called burty but can't communicate with him yet.

Kind regards.

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