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Hot Starting Issue. ....again.


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Well here's the explanation. ...

Apparently there was an ampage drop of 300 amps between the two different starter motors when it cranked the engine , coupled with engine heat affecting components on the starter they removed. Apparently the starter should draw 600 amps when it needs to crank the engine .

At least I think that's what he said.

I will keep an eye on it for a while though. .....just in case.

But so far so good.

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Not on here much nowadays, but thought I should share some Season's Cheer with your dealer, Jamie.......

"Away ya shower of fibbing excrement.....you fitted him either a recon. starter or a pattern part........absolute PISH"

Your customary civility is being taken for a ride here, Jamie......

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Engine heat can affect a starter motor - which is why some manufacturers fit a heat shield. If it's engine heat that damaged your old unit - then this would be a general problem on Rav's (it isn't) and wouldn't bode well for the new motor. Not a very well thought out claim for a garage to make! A more realistic version would be that the new motor originally fitted was in some way suspect - and the long and repeated cranking you've needed to do has heat damaged the motor resulting in further performance deterioration. Hopefully they've now fitted a decent new / reconditioned unit which will be fine for the future.

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Yes i hope it will stay like this for at least a couple more years.

I would like to post two vids on here , one of it when the doubious starter was not firing.

Another of the new replacement starter doing its job nicely,just to show you all the difference that i see & hear as i turned the key each time.

Trouble is i'm running a compag cq58 new laptop with windows 8 :( and its kind of .......horrible,just cant get the hang of stuff.

I have uploaded 3 videos onto you tube, in my name.....you can see from there if you wish. I'm afraid the one with the new much improved starter is filmed in the dark,so all you see / hear is my voice and a few dash lights, and my Rav starting as it should.

The other two is of the dials / steering wheel, and it cranking for queen & country,but not firing.

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