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Aygo Battery ?

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Got my little 1.0 Aygo right here, with the tiny 42 Ah Battery, it died today so had to buy a new one.

The old one's one of them little ones with the fill ports, dint think they still had self service Battery's these days.

However on ringing Toyota and supplying them with my Reg, i have some away with the larger 55 Amp one that most people have listed for the 1.4 HDI,

1. is this ok

2. Have toyota Updated the spec for new batterys ?

The thing fits ok and starts it like a dream :)

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Mine died and the nice man from the RAC fitted a Bosch 063 S4 Battery

Amp Hours (Ah): 44Ah

  • Cold Cranking Amp (CCA): 420cca
  • Length: 212mm
  • Width: 175mm
  • Height: 175mm
  • Battery Type: S4
  • Type 063
  • Case Type: Sealed

Never had an issue with it but it does have a 4 year guarantee but if it fits the extra juice can't hurt :)

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Our engines are so small you could crank it with a MN1500 from the Duracell bunny.... :thumbsup:

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