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4.2 D4D, What's Next To The Egr Valve?

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Hi all,

I'm having the fairly common problem of loss of power/surging above 2250rpm. I have relatively recently had fuel filter and injectors changed, so don't think it's that. Today I removed and cleaned the EGR valve, which was quite black, but that didn't make a difference. On removing the EGR I noticed that the component next to it which has loads of small (air?) hoses going to it seems to have blown a gasket as their is black gunk all around it. I don't have a manual, so don't know what this component is, SCV maybe?

Could this be causing my power issues? I'm waiting to finish the tank of fuel (not long at the rate I seem to be using it with this problem) because I noticed that the problem started a day after I filled up with some cheap supermarket diesel. Just hoping that it's not going to need a turbo change because I really can't afford it at the moment, so trying other things before taking it to a garage.



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