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Remote Lead For Amp


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do you remeber the other post, the headunit has 2 positives, use a multimeter to find the correct one, are you sure your friend knows what he is doing?

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right the only way i can think of doing it this awkward was is to get a mulit meter as stated then test each wire with the ignition off,then again with the ignition on!There should be one which switches on when the ignition is on but not whn its off!This is your switched live then find a way of then fixing it to that!

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right, think me other mate has one of them

Atm the amps in me bedroom! i hav the red cable in the B + 12v pin! the remote lead in the REM pin, and the black lead in the GND pin! also, one end of the RCA cable is in the amp, two sockets, rear left and rear right. Since my cd player is a standard one i have got a converter on the other end of RCA cable, and on other end of converter there are 5 thin wires


2)black & white


4)black & grey

5) grey

this sounding right so far?

All i havta do is wire the black wire to a bolt! red wire to the Battery! the rca cable to cd player, and the remote lead to whereva!

Then am dun, right?

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you also need to hide all the wires,make sure powers and rcas arent too close as they will interfere due to magnetic fields!The wires on the converter im guessing are Speakers in with a ground,so the blck wire will be the earth and the other 4 will be left and right: IE

1)&2) left


4)&5) right or visa versa! :thumbsup:

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not tape, find a screw, un screw, wrap round the screw, then screw

correction unscrew the screw,clean up all areas of contact,cover in copper grease or vas and then fix down onto the wire!

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