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D4D From 2001 Choppy Acceleration In 3,4 And 5Th Gear

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Hello all,

I have an avensis d4d 2001. The problem is acceleration between 1000 and 2500 revs. Especislly in 5th a lot of motor vibration, holding back and choppy acceleration. Even vibration when constant gas in 5th.

Replaced diesel filter. Closed egr valve. Cleaned with wynns cleaner. No warning light. Nothing of hose things were cause or helped.

Has anybody got ideas?



Btw, I'm from Holland.

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Sounds like fuel starvation to me or maybe an injector has failed, is it like when a petrol car has no spark at one plug or is it more like briefly cutting out?


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Hi Pete,

Surely the engine is out of balance, so this indicates one or more cilinders not working in tact. So, as you suggest maybe a fuel injector. In gears 1 and two no problems. From 3 to5th increasing problems. The frequency of the motor trembling is around 4 times a second or more. And as i mentioned , in 5th it also trembles when i have the gas pedal in a fixed position, i.e. not accelerating. How could you test the injectors then?

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