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Changing Wheels On 2012 Model

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Hey guys,

i need some advise to change my current alloy wheels to a bigger size. I was wondering whether this will affect my speedometer reading?

I am currently on 195/65 R15 91H . mine also has the exact same number of bolts as below.

I would like to go to at least R16 without it having an effect on the speedometer as my country has speed cameras almost everywhere and i do not want to get fines.

Please advise.


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If you keep the same rolling radius (circumference) then the speedo will remain the same. If you are going up a wheel size then you will need to drop to a lower profile tyre to maintain this & generally you go slightly wider too. You also need to ensure that your new wheels are the right PCD (hole spacing) & offset.

195/60 16 or 205/55 16 should do I would have thought.

See sites like http://www.alloywheels.com/Tyre_Calculator


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Be advisable to inform your insurance company prior to the change - some companies may accept the change with no additional charge, some may charge an additional premium, and some won't accept a change away from standard specification.

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Thanks guys. I also checked with the dealership if it won't void the warranty in any manner.

I think i might go for 205/55 R16 as its almost similar to my current ones when i use the tyre calculator

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As Frosty said, its your Insurer that important, others in the forum have asked their insurers and failed to be accepted on their original premium.

Have an acident with different rims and tyre sizes and they can leave you totaly hi and dry with massive costs.

Also don't froget, larger rims, less rubber, harder ride.

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