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Your Thoughts On A Tablet Install

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I have been thinking long and hard about doing a tablet install in my 2013 Corolla but I am not willing to go hacking up my dashboard.

I was thinking that if I ordered this

it might solve my problem. From then if I messed it up oh well I am just out the money that I paid for the frame.

Any thoughts or ideas? I would still like to use my car stereo for sound (as it has bluetooth already built in) I would like to be able to take the tablet in and out as well. My biggest concern is hacking up my dash. I would just push the radio back a little.

So I ordered the DIN from Ebay now I am trying to figure out how to put it in. I am thinking of using pivot hinges (like they use in bookcases with glass doors) and put that on the top and bottom of one side so that I can pop the tablet in and out. I researched tablets and found that the Nexus 7 works best. Still thinking of pushing the radio back a little. I use Siri in my car

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There was a guy on this forum who was good at adding computers to his corolla; cannot just remember his name but if you search this forum I'm sure you will find him.

Also seem to remember he left the forum and went to another Rolla one.

If you look are some very recent posts here about those D Din housings seems they are not the best of fits.

To allow you to remove it easily would think one of neatly applied windscreen / dash or air vent holding brackets might be a simpler option.

You might also want to consider how you will deal with the families of the folk you may knock down whilst drivng and operating the tablet........

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