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Corolla Radio Removal And Replacement. Faulty Power Supply?

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Hi folks,

My wife’s Corolla diesel’s audio unit has developed a fault which appears to be a poor
connection somewhere in the power supply.

The units lights and the LCD display flicker on and off. Sometimes it will stay of for a
few minutes; other times it doesn’t light up at all.

The unit is a replacement as the original had a very faint LCD display. This one, bought
second hand, has been fine for perhaps 3 or 4 years with everything working as
it should.

I watched the dealer take out the faulty unit a few weeks after we bought the car.
Problem is I can’t recall how he got the unit out and the new one back in

I seem to remember he removed the centre knob which controls the heater fan speed and
that there was as a screw behind it which he took out. What happened next I
can’t recall.

I do remember he had some fairly long extensions to reach the bolts holding the radio in. I
have looked on YouTube but can only see a video with relates to the US
automatic car and not ours which is a manual.

Anyone had any experience of the above work or know what else other than a loose power
connection could cause this fault?

Many thanks.


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