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New Member From Sweden

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Hey there! Holiday greetings from sweden

I am a brand new member so i tought i would introduce myself in the this first post. First of all exuse my spelling, i have learned most of my english from watching die hard and terminator movies when i was younger ;)

My name is Christian, 29 and i am from Sweden I have had an Citroen berlingo 2010 make for a while now and have had lods of problems with it so i have been looking to swap it out something else, started looking at a small cheap to run reliable petrol car and the choice fell on the Toyota aygo. So i ordered one the 14th of december 2013 and will take delivery the 10th or the 13th of Januari 2014. over here its called the Aygo + package and will have 5doors,electric windows,rev counter, bluetooth stereo with USB remote central looking and it will be dark grey metallic. I will try to add a picture of it from the website i ordered, if your cant read it i wont blame you, it´s in swedish ;)

i have been reading alot around on forums about the Aygo and it sounds like either you have no problems with it and love it or you get huge problems with (Leaking water,clutch, waterpump) and hate it.

I really hope they have had this sorted out on 2013/14 modells i really dont want another car giving my trouble, the salesman at Toyota said that this was the 3 and last gen before the new aygo will be realised in about 1-1,5 year so they do have had plenty of time to fix it!

Anyways, i will let you know when i pick up my new car

hope to see your around the forum. Merry Christmas



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Welcome Christian,

I have a strange feeling that we have allready met at the Swedish City Bug forum. There are many forums dealing with Aygo (and citroen C1 and Peugeot 107 cars). These three cars are the same (I am sure you knew that allready). It just increases our chance for finding more information on these cars and that is a good thing. You will be soon modifying your car like crazy and that is part of the fun, besides driving them. Have fun. God jul!


from sweden.

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Hey Rajvrattna

Yeah met me on the swedish forum, i am on alot of forum reading about how others modify and think about the cars. The tips and trix guides around the web about these cars are amazing.

The same to you Raj, God Jul! ;)

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