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john webley

Help! E111 Engine Problems

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Hi all,

sorry to interrupt you Christmas fun,


went to start my Corolla today,and it seemed to fire one cylinder,then sounded like the starter just


after looking under the bonnet,and trying again,the crank,pulleys all spin,but nothing,

this leads me to believe the cambelt has gone,

as it was replaced only 8K miles ago,about 6 months,I am not happy,

so,your help please,

its a S plate 3dr Hatch, 4E-FE motor,

firstly,are these prone to shedding belts?

what are the chances of nil damage to the valves?

thanks in advance for your help and advice.


PS,sorry the pic is cropped


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My old Avensis used to have a 4EFE engine and , space permitting. you could undo the top 2 bolts that secure the plastic cam belt cover and that should allow you to carefully prize it open just enough to inspect the top edge of the belt.

That should give you an idea if the belt is still there, though you cannot really tell if the tension is correct.

There is a belt tensioner on that model and if its securing bolt comes loose the belt could slip out of position, but you can only check that by removing the complete cover.

Rather than trying to observe the belt by using the starter, you could a spanner on the crankshaft nut, slowly turn it checking if you can see the top of the cambelt moving .

Or move the Cam cover so you can see the whole camshft turning, but would only turn the crackshaft by hand, not using the starter.

Checking ,adjusting or renewing the belt is a diyable though long job, I renewed it on my Avensis 3 times over the cars life.

Always used a genuine Toyota belt though..

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Problem over,

it was just flooded !!!!!

I feel such a pratt.but didnt want to do more,incase I damaged the engine !!

goes back into hibernation!!

Happy new year to you all !!!!

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