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Accident Damage - Value ?


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A bit of help/advice, please.

Lost my T Sport on sheet ice a few days ago, and wondering if it's worth repairing.

It's a late 2001 registration, in little more than fair to reasonable condition for its' year.

Owned it for nearly 2 years, and it's been very reliable. Everything works.

Approx 123k mileage; a few minor dents and scratches.

I'd appreciate advice as follows:

Q1: what would it be worth in a private sale once repaired ?

Q2: what might it fetch as a non-runner ?

Accident damage is limited to front nearside, needing a front valance, wing, headlight, fog/driving lamp.

Bonnet, radiator grille and nearside door are fine.

Drove it home afterwards (gently) and seems fine mechanically.


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So many places on the web offering free or lo cost valuations.eg Parkers

Get the price by looking at the For Sale prices Auto Trader and eBay sites.

Think the key question is what would it cost you to have it properly repaired ? - would you keep it yourself if repaired ?

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