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2004-2005 Yaris Diesel.....typical Problems?

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I have a 2009/58 1.8VVTi Verso which is great, so I really like Toyota cars.

I am looking to buy a 54 or 05 plate Yaris as a second car. I am undecided between 1.0/1.3 petrol and the 1.4 diesel.

The reason for needing a second car is that I am due to start a new job in early March 14 and this will involve me commuting on a Monday morning and a Friday afternoon (87 miles in each direction along the M40).

My brain says get a diesel (even with a higher mileage) for the better MPG, etc but my gut says 'watch out!' (I've had diesel Mondeo's before and the injectors/DMF/EGR associated issues were expensive).

Do I need to be concerned by this on a Yaris? Are these issues like on a TDCi Mondeo? I appreciate the car will get 'a good run' as opposed to around town use which should help.


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If it's a Mark1 Yaris with the 1.4 engine, faults are few IF it has been serviced properly.

Just watch out for :

rattling timing chain *

water in Oil - see radiator top *

hoses pressurising Head Gasket gone.

any sign of misfiring*

slipping clutch

corroded radiator - external fins missing etc.

*Basically abuse and lack of maintenance.

Well maintained 100k miles is nothing...

Lots have not been maintained.

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The only real issues I've had with mine is the EGR and throttle body getting blocked with soot after a few years due to my mostly-city-driving (Really easy to DIY if you have some hex heads and a can of carb cleaner!) and a recurring squeal from the ancillaries belt in the mornings when it's damp.

The car doesn't have a DPF or DMF thankfully so driving it around the city at low RPM is fine unlike with newer D4Ds, but it does like to stretch its legs on a fast A-road or motorway now and then to blast out any crud that's built up. (Or you could just use V-Power diesel all the time! :lol:). If you're doing 87 mile commutes regularly that'll keep it running nicely :thumbsup:

As the wise fishy says, if you get one that's been looked after, it'll be rock solid. I think the most important thing with this car is changing the Oil regularly.

IMHO the Mk1 Yaris D4D is one of the best 'normal' cars Toyota has ever made :yahoo:

It has a powerful engine for a car this size but is still cheap to insure and tax, is built incredibly well and has superb reliability, and despite being 10 years old still gives even the HSDs a run for their money in terms of economy!

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My Yaris is a 2003 bottom of the range 3 door S. This is the Peugeot 205XLD for the noughties. It weighs 10% more than the 205 but has 25% more power and 55% more torque.

I have owned mine for fifteen months, it has a full dealer service history and everything works on it. My fuel economy, calculated on a tank by tank basis is 65.25 MPG with a best tankful of 68.33 MPG and a worst tankful of 59.91 MPG.

With 73 300 miles on the clock I expect many more years service from my little red roller skate.

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