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Ringing Noise Fixed But Garage Reporting It To Toyota...

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Had a strange one over the weekend on my Sept 2013 Aygo MMT when pulling on the drive a ringing noise just like a bell started under the car. Having established i had not taken out a rogue cyclist and bike on way home i rang my home garage and popped intoday. Mechanic got in and i turned engine on and lo the ringing began. Mech said never heard the like before but was prob exhuast/manifold issue which is a bit worrying on a relatively new car with less than 3.5K miles and carefully driven by me. Anyway an hour later car returned and fault gone, no charge and told it was an issue with the manifold/heat deflector having a loose bolt or something like that (yep I know nothing about cars). Felt they looked a bit sheepish and they said not come accross this issue before and would be reporting to Toyota. Struck me that there was more to this than I was being told and strangely the car drove a whole lot better than it has from new going home (maybe just in my head who knows!).

In terms of overall views after 4 months of owning this one yep much quieter than my last one but lousy road feel compared to the previous one and lots of annoying little rattles.

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