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Hybrid Heating / Rear Heating

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Just in case anyone is looking at recent posts about heating and making up their minds whether to buy a Hybrid, or which one to buy, I can advise the following about the Gen 3 2012 Prius T3, and I believe this applies to all current UK Prius models, including the Plug-in. It may help if other owners chip in for other models.

  1. Prius does have heating vents to rear - they are beneath the front seats. I tried sitting in the back this morning with the temp turned up slightly and they seemed effective. It was 3C outside, with some frost still about.
  2. I do sometimes find myself turing the heat up slightly after a while - I'm not fixated about what the number says, I just turn the dial slowly to achieve a comfortable setting. I believe the dealer can adjust a setting that adds or subtracts 1-5 C to the indicated temperature to achieve a more accurate setting if it matters to people.
  3. De-misting is quite slow, but tilting the side vents fully upwards helps. I find it useful to press Auto then De-mist to make sure the fan is in automatic mode (as I often turn the fan to its slowest speed when it's not too hot or cold, but it stays on this until Auto is pressed again, even if de-mist is selected).
  4. There is a dealer fit option on the Prius to have heated front seats fitted (which I've had done). They certainly make my 96-year-old mother happy - she keeps hers on all the time. There is only one heat setting on the upgrade kit.
  5. The plug in has heated seats as standard (presumably to help use the heating less, thus reducing use of the petrol engine just as a heater!). These have two heat settings.
  6. The Yaris Hybrid has a separate temperature control for left and right (don't think the non Hybrids do) but not sure if they have heat to the rear seats.
  7. In the previous version of the Auris, non Hybrids and separate left and right temperature settings, but the Hybrid did not! - not sure what the current situation is.

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The current Auris Hybrid Excel has separate left and right temperature settings, and heated front seats.

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Dual zone climate control.

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For your information regarding the Danish mid trim "H2+" Touring Sports (and, I guess, the hatch) as of May 2013:

NO rear seat heat vents.

Heated front seats with low/high setting

Single zone climate control.

Not heating related:

Parking sensors

Parking assist

"Auo detection" of free parking space (only right lane as far as I know)?

Wing mirrors do NOT fold on on hybrid models in Denmark

Parking related extras not available at entry level H2 trim.

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The plug in at least should have the option of pre-heating the cooling system when plugged in.

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