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Issues With Keyless Entry System - Is It Failing?

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We appear to have some intermittent issues with our keyless entry system as in it’s not working properly. I know there are various threads that reference this and am aware that wifi / internet connections and various other things can interfere as we have experienced this before but this is now happening in our drive. We live in an old detached house so have proper space between us and our next door neighbours and as far as I am aware they have not changed their internet supplier or started to broadcast on pirate radio and no other circumstances have changed in the last 3 years.

I have replaced the batteries in both remotes and you can see the red light flashing if I am stood beside the car but press the buttons and nothing happens for say a few attempts & then all of a sudden it works. The same things happens if I am sat in the car - I am getting the warning 'key not detected' even though I am sat there with the remote in my hand. Typical – just as we are looking to offload the car!!

Has anyone known of this system to fail, had theirs replaced or repaired or know of a fix for this or is it a visit to Mr T?

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If the problem is intermittent - it rules out a few possibilities. Other than external interference - the system can become corrupted and reprogramming the system often solves the problem. You'll need to re-programme both remotes. I've always used a mobile auto locksmith for reprogramming but the DIY method is published on the internet. A hint from a member a few days ago on this forum - learn the method otherwise you'll time out if you have to refer to the instructions.

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Reprogramming is definitely worth a try as i wasn't aware that this could be done :thumbsup:

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This is apparently the method for an 08 Rav - but haven't tried it personally

Begin with:

The driver’s door open and unlocked.
Key out of the ignition.
1. Insert and remove the key from the ignition switch 2 times within 5 seconds.

NOTE: Steps 2 and 3 should be performed within 40 seconds.

2. Close and open driver’s door TWICE.
3. Insert the key into the ignition and remove it.

NOTE: Steps 4 – 6 should be performed within 40 seconds.

4. Close and open the driver’s door twice.
5. Insert the key into the ignition.
6. Close the door.
7. Turn the ignition switch from “Lock” to “On” and back to “Lock” at about 1 second
intervals to select the desired mode:

-1 time for ADD mode.

-2 times for REWRITE mode.

-3 times for CONFIRMATION mode.

-5 times for PROHIBITION mode.

8. Remove the key from the ignition.
9. To confirm your mode selection, the power locks will now cycle “lock” to “unlock” a
number of times corresponding to your key cycles in step 7.

NOTE: If Confirmation or Prohibition modes have been selected, opening the door will
complete the procedure.

10. For Add or Rewrite modes do the following within 40 seconds of Door
Lock confirmation:

A. Press both transmitter Lock and Unlock buttons simultaneously between 1 and
1.5 seconds and release.

B. Within 3 seconds of step A, press the transmitter Lock button for more than 1
second and release.

If the transmitter has been successfully programmed, the power locks will
cycle “lock” to “unlock” once at this time.

If there are problems with the transmitter or the procedure up to this point, the
locks will cycle twice. If this occurs, verify that you have received the correct
transmitter, and then repeat the above procedure.

C. If multiple remotes are to be reprogrammed, repeat steps A and B.

11. Open the driver’s door to conclude programming mode.

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Ours is completely keyless, i.e. we don't have an ignition barrel, just a start/stop button and a remote as per all of the T180's

Is there a guide for the vehicles with smart entry?

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I don't have the instructions for programming a smart keyless system - I'm told that it can be done quite easily and hopefully someone who is more knowledgeable in this area will come along shortly.

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I've had the same issue with all four of our keyless entry Ravs,but it only happens on our driveway?

It happened to other Ravs visiting us also?

It's totally intermittent,but seems to happen mostly when we have low pressure weather conditions,but not always?

I've now got used to just opening the car with the little key which activates the alarm,you then press the start button with the fob, and of you go.

Toyota have reprogrammed the alarm frequency many times,but never with any success.

They say it must be some external interference disrupting the wave length?

Something I guess we just have to live with,but it is annoying especially at 6am.

I've had to go round explaining to our neighbours a few times.

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just to eliminate one possible cause, open the key case and blow out / remove with a fine paint brush all the dust that accumulates when you keep this sort of "key" in your pocket. It made mine on the XT5 much more reliable. Amazing how much dust and muck accumulates in such a small space.

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Well Worth trying Chris,but this happened with ours practically from brand new.

I've been reliably told its caused by external interference to the frequency Toyotas alarm uses.

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