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Jammed Boot Lid On 2005 Corolla


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I have a 2005 Corolla Colour Collection hatchback and my boot won't open. When I pull the handle it moves but it isn't releasing the catch. I have got into the boot via the back seat and there is nothing obvious caught in the mechanism. My previous car (a Ford Escort) had a small lever inside the boot to release the catch in such an event but I can't see anything like this in the Corolla. The car was broken into last summer and the back windscreen was one of the windows smashed so there are fragments of glass inside the boot lid. Is the mechanism positioned in such a way that glass could have got into it?

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Hey bud, as far as I know, the actual mechanism is sealed from inside so no chance of anything obstructing the catch, and their isn't a mechanical lever on the boot so nothing can be interfering with that, can you hear the catch disengaging? If not possible solenoid issue, if you can't hear it try pushing down on the boot then pulling the release? Just to give the catch some wiggle room



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