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Avensis Tr 2012 Satnav - Optimistic On Travel Time

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I've had the latest model Avensis TR for 6 months and find the (standard, fitted) satnav is hopelessly optimistic on estimated travelling time to reach an entered destination.
I do not drive slowly; and use a mixture of urban conurbation, countryside & motorway roads.
Very rarely do I get to the destination before the calculated estimate. Once in a while it's in the right sort of timescale and in about 90% of trips it takes something like 15-20% longer than the estimated time. (I'm only counting trips where traffic conditions are about normal).
A good satnav would calculate estimated times that are a mixture of half of trips ending up under to near the right timescale, and the other half of trips near to over the right timescale (ie a decent average)
In particular, the satnav fitted in the 2012 TR seems to think that all traffic lights are always on green when you approach them and that there's never any queue at traffic lights or junctions (ie especially optimistic on achievable speeds in built up areas).
My previous Avensis TR 2008 satnav was much better - it gave me the option on self-setting default average speeds for 3 road types (built-up, country roads and motorways; or something like that). The new "improved" satnav doesn't allow any such settings - it is so optimistic that travel time feature is nearly useless. Contacted the Toyota Dealer and told there is no feature to adjust average speeds.
Any thoughts? Thanks (from a long-term Avensis driver).

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Interesting, I have a 2012 MY Avensis with Touch & Go Plus & my experience is that it's pessimistic ...

Think that I saw the options to adjust as I've flicked through the screens but I haven't really checked as tbh I can pretty much do without satnav & often know minor routes that a satnav won't direct you down. I'll have to check.

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