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Brake Upgrade

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27k miles in on my 62 plate 4.3.5 and I believe that my brakes have never been quite as good as my 57 plate 4.3 Rav4. Upon checking last week that the original pads were getting low I went to order up some Mintex pads and discs off eBay - these are the ones I put on my 4.3 before and very good, more initial bite, less fade than OEM but I will say more brake dust than OEM.

This time I went one step further (and think I had a flashback to youthful boy racer days) and went for Black Diamond 6 groove disks with matching Predator pads. Fitted them on my tod a few days ago, spend a good 3/4 an hour on each side, maybe going a bit OTT, cleaning calliper up and making sure the shiny sliding metal bits that hold the ends of the pads were cleaned of grime and back to shiny with brake cleaner and cotton buds!! New clips and backing plates with pads.

Well, the the brakes, now that they have bed in (I was warned that they do smell a lot while the black coating comes off) brakes are amazing, initial bite, no fade and very little dust too - well recommended for those also thinking the brakes could be a little better.

Cost, £202 for discs, pads, delivery, £10 for a tin of brake cleaner and spray copper grease and another £15 for a new set of jeans - old ones complete with Oil stains, copper grease, grime now in the bin!!!

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