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Squeaky Noise With New Brake Pads Whilst Driving

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I recently put brand new front brake pads in and whilst driving slow or fast you can hear a very loud squeaky noise, it STOPS when I APPLY the brake pedal, it's definitely coming from the front wheel that's for sure.

Just now I removed the alloy to check the calliper to see whether I'd put something wrong and realised when I give the calliper a nudge back and forward (towards the passenger side alloy and back) it makes the same noise but obviously not as long or continues.

I don't think there is a noise from passenger side calliper.

Also I didn't grease anything when I put the pads in??

Please help. Thank you

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Sounds like the brake pads are rattling within the calipers which stops when you brake. Grease the back of the pads and see if it stops. Use the appropriate grease.. or is it copper slip.. I forget!

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Copper slip or Ceratec. Preferably ceratec as I am told Copper slip can interfere with the ABS. The copper slip or ceratec goes on the back of the pad ;)

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I seem to remember that brake issues (noisy) were a major complaint with early models and this forum was awash with threads and topics on this problem.

The problems were all fixed in production... something to bear in mind perhaps when looking for and fitting new parts.

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