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Clutch Problem

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Hi Guys,

I have Avensis d4d 2005 hatchback model. 6 months ago I have found some broken brushes on the mat, which was drop from clutch pedal, the bushes are known to be turnover bush (see picture) and slowly after that the clutch started to get harder and harder and from last month the clutch sometime stays half pressed when put on the gear then I have to pull by my foot.

I have been told to replace the master cylinder and it should resolve the problem of being so hard and half pressed. I have got my master cylinder replaced today and it didn't make no effect on hardened at all. although I did notice that clutch doesn't stay half pressed at present moment in time but don't know for how long.

Mass flyer and Clutch plate are fine as that is been checked.

Please advise what is the problem with the clutch as its very hard. I appreciate for your input.

Thank you




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what is the mileage on car?

where the bushes that fell or broke replaced?

was the master cylinder a new part or used part?

There is a bush on the push rod clevis, was this changed when master cylinder was?

your best of disconnecting the master cylinder from the pedal, then see if its still stiff, if it is then its most likely to be something on clutch pedal.

download the clutch pdf by pete in the link below- handy to have.

I was told a guy in toyota, change cheapest first in order.

pin and bush on master cylinder

then master clylinder

then clutch kit ( could be the pressure plate) one technician said a sign of a clutch going is a heavy clutch

I hope you get it sorted and please keep me informed of outcome.

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Thank you for the detail clutch pdf, found it very helpful. to answer to questions .

Car Mileage is about110k and the bush was not replaced as the mechanic said its not that bush, which makes clutch harder and the replaced master cylinder (MC) is brand new from toyota dealer.

The clutch seems very hard and as I said that mc doesn't no difference. Now my mechanic is suggestion to change the clutch pedal !! i laughed first and then I am like is that the only option so I am kind of confused and don't have a clue.

I think what I should do is to book an appointment with dealer and let them check what is exactly wrong with clutch.

Any suggestions ?

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No problem. 110k on original clutch? I was also told it could be the pedal by a breakers in rochdale who sold alot to taxi drivers . but I have not got round to change that. I changed the master cylinder as mine was really hard to press, it did improve it, but its still heavier than our other avensis. I have put it down to the pressure plate on clutch. I was going to give it another look when weather gets better. mine has 155,000 but never slipps. I imagine a clutch pedal is cheaper than a clutch kit. a appointment with the dealer would cost twice as more as a pedal or the same price has a LuK clutch kit. maybe worth asking your mechanic if he can he guarantee its the actual pedal, has he done any before? I have sent you a personal message, let me know how you get on. thanks

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