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Celica Problems

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Hi there just joined but straight to business I bought a celica st202 last month and been driving it around noticing how much fuel it uses now I know it's a 2.0 litre so it's never gonna b an Eco car but it's 295 pounds of fuel in it in 3 weeks and on rough calculations it's doing 8 or 9 miles to the gallon and that's driving it like an old man, also when u start it from cold it revs to 2500 rpm and takes over 10 mins to come down to 900 rpm and stinks if fuel all the time . I have checked the plugs and leads there all good checked for fuel leaks there are none but possibly another symptom is the brakes seem very spongy but have been bleed and has new fluid in it . There has to b summit wrong with it surely it does more mpg than tht any help would be fantastic.

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i had a similar problem, mechaninic sorted most of it and found the rest of probs, there was a few, plugs where fked,dissy was filling with condensation, missing screw from throttle, maf sensor was disconnected, crack on plastic pipe running behind the engine(needed a camera probe for that one ), throttle was sticking, and a full service.an the petrol intake was /is leaking, common fault apparently

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