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Rear Windscreen Washer Not Working

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Hi guys.

Would be really grateful for some advice.

Got an Avensis 2.2 estate on a 57 plate.My rear window washer has stopped working. I suspect that the motor has blown as there is no sound when i try to wash the rear window. I understand that the motor unit is situated by the drivers wheel arch but i dont know what im looking for.

Is it a bugger of a job to do. Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks once again.

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Not sure if yours will be the same as mine (I've got a 1998 Avensis Mk1) but here is my experience:

Two pumps (one for front, one for rear) fixed to the side of the washer bottle. Had to remove the OSF wheel and wheel arch liner.

New pump from Mr T was expensive (about £70 I think) so I got a second hand one on ebay. Doing the job not too hard - just a bit of faff to have to remove the wheel arch liner. Of course yours could be different.

Before you go ahead I'd check fuses etc and also keep trying it for quite a long period of time (e.g. minutes) in case its just blocked/dried out.

Of course you could just live with it not working - I recently found out that it is not an MOT failure item.

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There may be a non return valve in the line near the jet on the rear boot door?

Can you hear the motor buzzing? Also i found on a corolla that the jet had blocked and were near impossible clear with a needle, i ended up soaking them with gasket remover which done the trick.

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