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Eco Mode Turn Off Option In Yaris Sedan 2014?

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Hello all,

I tried searching a general Q&A thread but couldn't find (or maybe I didn't try hard enough).

I'm a new owner of a brand new Yaris sedan 2014, this is my first car to purchase (yes my first car of my life), typically I'm very happy with everything only thing is that I cannot for the life of me find an option to turn the eco mode off. There is no button near the gear stick. My yaris is the Y model and I wanted to know if there was any way to disable the eco mode.

I live in Saudi Arabia hence the 2014 model I'm talking about is this:http://www.drivearabia.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/2014-Toyota-Yaris-Sedan-11.jpg

I'd appreciate any help and sorry if I have posted this thread out of guidelines.

Thank you!

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If the eco mode on your Yaris sedan is the same that is fitted to European models like the Auris (which is a stop/start system), as far as I'm aware there is no permanent facility to disable it. One can disable the system temporarily by pressing the ECO button whilst the engine is on, but the system resets itself once the ignition is turned off.

The stop/start system was fitted to the Yaris mark 2 for the European market, but was dropped from the current generation due to cost.

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