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Oh Dear No Power, And Only 2000 Revs?


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Rav4 sr180 d 2009

This morning I start out as usual, car started fine. Drove off in 1st, no obvious problems. Entered the main Road went from 1st to 2nd as you do, nothing, no change in revs, no additional power, foot flat to the floor nothing, taxing a long at about 5mph with an extremely slow increase in speed. Changed back down to 1st, still the same, change back up to 2nd then wooof off I went with the power this car has always had previously.

just cause it is running ok now I would like to know what went wrong and is there something I should be looking at to ensure no more incidents and that the car isnt needing some attention? Please help?


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Hi Karen,

Welcome to This forum. When was fuel filter last changed? Has car got decent service history? How long have you had the car?

Also possible fault with your EGR valve being blocked with carbon. I will send you a PM with my moaby number on it, coz ah can talk a lot faster than I type, and there is a known engine related problem with your model.......dinnae go frettin' but......there are things in place to fixicate. Me in Stepps not a million miles away. Also 2009 model much less likely to have The Engine Trouble.......touch wid.

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It could well be a sticking SVC or EGR valve - the issue may arise again. In the first instance I would suggest replacing the fuel filter and thereafter use premium fuel (Esso, BP etc) - there's evidence that supermarket fuel can have adverse effects.

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On the supermarket fuel point i am actually emailing with a Toyota service dep't. now/today. They carefully suggested that fuel from a named fuel station, Shell, Esso, BP etc is cleaner, got less sediment in it and commented that cars that have been in with fuel problems and blocked filters that the owners filled up at supermarkets. Say Shell, Esso, BP might be a bit dearer but it is usual to get a better MPG so it pays for itself anyway.

A mechanic friend of mine who works for a engine reconditioning factory says he can tell when engines have been using supermarket fuel as they are in a worse state of repair and he heavily avoids supermarket fuel at all costs.....he even buys the superior fuel from his petrol station as he is adamant he cars economy goes up by about the same amount as the extra cost due to increased power from the engine so cheap petrol is a big false economy in my opinion.

Regards Mike169

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