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Lawnmower Farting Noise From Exhaust At Low!

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Mk2 MR2 has developed an embarressing sort of farting/lawnmower noise from exhaust, but *only* when under load in 1st & second gear between 2k-3k RPM (approx). If I put the same rpm on the clock at a standstill it sounds fine. I have also noticed a slight drop in performace at low rpm.

My first guess is a gasket in the exhaust system has gone, just wondering if anyone else has any ideas or can confirm I'm on the right tracks? is there any other way I can diagnose it?

Any help appreciated

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Hi Tim, how long is it since the spark plugs were changed as my first thought would be that one is breaking down under load?

As for checking the exhaust system I always check this by using a screwed up cloth and placing it on the end of the tail pipe and temporally blocking it whilst the engine is ticking over.Be careful not to get burnt as the gasses are hot!!

If you hear a hissing noise then you know that there is a leak in the exhaust system.



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