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Window Regulator On Corolla Verso

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Can any one advise how to replace the window regulator on the drivers door of a 55 plate Corolla Verso?

Basically what's happened is the window was all the way down, but when trying to close it again, the side of the window nearest the front of the car didn't come back up with it, causing the whole window to go out of alignment. After a bit of pushing, pulling and inching up, we've managed to get it closed. Had it in a garage today, and we were quoted nearly £500 to replace the window regulator.

I'm happy to give things a go myself, especially when getting quotes like that... but I've not done this before. I've found a video guide on YouTube for a Corolla, here: XEFyR-Z2e5c Is the process the same for the Corolla Verso? Or is it different? A friend who's offered to help suggested that some cars are rivetted in, but that video guide only shows it being bolted in.

Anything to look out for when buying a second hand regulator from a breakers yard? Seen a regulator for £300 from a main dealer on eBay, so considering getting a used one.

Also, is there anything else that could cause it? Anything I can look at before forking out for a regulator? I had the same problem on my Vauxhall Astra passenger side, but one day I forgot to tell someone. They opened the window and it just worked and was fine for the next year or so until I wrote the car off... so not sure what happened with that.


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When you attempt to close/open the window, does the motor make noise?

To take out the window regulator, you will need to remove the door card. Then you will need to remove the small window beside the window that opens, there is a screw for that under the door rubbers right above the small mirror.

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