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My Daughter bought a new Aygo from John Roe Toyota in Hull 6 months ago.

However, she has had great difficulty getting them to look at the car to sort out some minor niggles she has with it.

She'd rather have it looked at before they become more serious.

However, their customer service towards her is very poor.

She has had problems getting through on the phone, with no-one answering for long periods of time.

When it is answered and she tries to speak with the service people they are always busy. They promise to call back, but don't.

I wonder if it is because she is an unaccompanied student, or whether their poor service extends to all of their customers?

Does anyone else have experience of dealing with John Roe Toyota in Hull?

I have had marvellous customer service over the years from my dealer here in Nottingham, and also in Derby where I bought my latest car.

I should also add that my Daughter has received wonderful service from Inchcape in Nottingham for her previous car, an aged Yaris which wasn't even bought from them.

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Wonder if a letter from yourself to the Dealer Principal at John Roe outlining the difficulties your daughter has experienced would help.

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Hello Frosty,

Yes, you are no doubt correct.

Before I do this I'd like to know if this is an uncommon experience, and therefore I'm sure JR will be eager to address the issue, or whether I'm likely to be wasting my time because it's a known issue.

No-one should antagonise their local dealer without good cause as we rely on them, and their goodwill, to help from time to time.

Either way a letter as you describe wouldn't harm.

A local (to me) Volvo dealership lost their franchise following repeated compaints about poor customer service

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