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Meister R Coilovers! Possible Developement! Please Read

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Good morning all,

My Name is Henry. Iv been an aygo driver for 8 months now and really enjoying the drive but i have a big issue with the quality of the suspension setup which im sure many of you will have had also.

To list the issues:

1. Way to much body roll around corners and general city driving.

2. Problems with fitting wider alloys and tyres (rubbing of the rear arches and when on full lock).

But the number 1 problem is

3. not being able to drive 2 adult passengers in the back without the suspension bottoming out.

I also know trying to find a decent coilover suspension kit that is trust worthy and has a good reputation is hard.

So iv had a brief conversation with the UK based Suspension company "Meister R" about the possibilities in developing a kit or kits to combat the suspension issues. It will cover the Aygo, Peugeot 107 and Citroen c1 range.

Meister have a large uk following especially within the Honda and Toyota tuning scene to say the least.

I personally have had first hand experience with these as i had them fitted to my Honda Civic.

This is to Gauge the interest and test the waters of you all. So the more member interest and feedback we give the more are going to be willing to develop a kit for us.

Check out the page and please use this post to list your requirements and Interests.

Thanks Henry

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