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Tyre Damage


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Last night I was driving home and i was facing some on coming traffic, no problem you might think, when all of a sudden some little old lady decides to drive in the middle of the road...... :!Removed!: :ffs:

I beep nothing happens, shout nothing happens, I have to swere and something happens, CRUNCH. I hit the kerb with my Front passenger Alloy, LARGE bang noise.. GREAT I'm thinking, cant wait to see the damage. (Point being if I had not moved we would of collided)

I got out and had a look, not only is my Alloy now damaged but the wheel actually had a chunk taken out of it. :crybaby: Its about 1cm across by .5cm deep.

Does anyone know if this is still safe to drive? I am going to Mr T on the 29th for Service and would love to be able to wait till then if I can...

Thanks for your help.

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