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A week after getting my iq and the offside rear calipers seem to be sticking - squeaking and rear brake disc hot to the touch after approx 15mins of normal driving.

Is this a common problem?

Any advice appreciated

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Hello Di, the rear disc assembly is prone to problems, so I have heard, such as premature disc wear and sticking of the moving parts just because it is a bit exposed at the back end. I am going to have to change my discs soon after only 3 years as they are quite worn.

If you bought your car at a dealership they should have serviced it and checked the brakes over before giving it to you, so I think they should give the brakes a check over now.


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Thanks for the reply John - much appreciated. It wasn't bought at a dealership but a wee independent garage. Apparently it was serviced though . Will get onto them tomorrow.



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Hi Di, Nice to see your iQ is a Purply one, or Amethyst to use the correct terminology dreamed up by Mr. T. The brakes are a bit of a problem for everyone with an iQ, from what I have seen on this forum. They are prone to sticking after a car wash, or if left out in the rain (poor little iQ, how could you even think about it?). When we first set off in ours after it has been sat in the car port, it makes a slight grinding noise from the back. After a few touches of the brakes this sound goes away as a slight film of light rust is wiped away by the pads, and I have to add, the brakes are good on this little motor.

Enjoy your iQ motoring, happy days lay ahead.

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