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Ee80 Corolla.

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Hey everyone I've recently purchased a 1987 EE80, the 1.3 version and was wondering if parts for other corollas of this time would fit. Specifically coilovers and body trims such as side skirts.

I'm also missing the black plastic trim from the top of my windscreen as a result of which water has started to get in above my passenger seat if anyone knows where i can source another one it would be a huge help.


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Lots of parts are interchangeable between models, EE80/90 AE10/11 etc, go on Ebay and generally the part for sale will have a model compatibility chart

Ref the top black window molding, if that is missing it will not cause a water leak into the cabin as it is only a decorative trim, the black flexible sealer is what bonds and seals it the the body

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Hi there - I too have a Corolla EE80. Low mileage - immaculate - except for some corrosion on the front offside wheel arch.

Is it possibe to get a wing these days?


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