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Anyone Modded An Auris Hybrid


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Small correction to my previous post. Contacted the guy and he told me he went for 18" rims instead of 20". So no Auris rim size record :D

18*9,75 et 20 on the rear and 18*8,75 et 35 front. Still the rear offset is quite massive.

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Finally got my new wheels on, along with increase in width of tyres to 225/45 I've still saved 2kg of weight a corner, fitted some lightweight nuts too surprising how heavy standard nuts are, 3.2kg for standard set of 20 v's just 800grams for these ones, will look a million time better when lowered in next couple of months, custom center caps too, :)



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Ok cheers for getting back to me :) Will start looking, hope I'll find some nice ones. My TSW Snetterton rims have quite deep holes so will need really long ones if I want them to stick out.

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Hi, I've recently bought an Auris Hybrid. Was thinking of some minor mods. I was going to change the headlights to the SR dark ones and vinyl wrap the chrome grill to brushed silver or dark grey brush metal? Or... Matt black for the top big chrome bit and red for the lower smaller chrome bit? Like a golf gti.  Would also like the OEM grey alloys

Whats your thoughts guys?


I've attached two photos to show the difference in SR headlights and normal hsd headlights.




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11 hours ago, Speed_Chaser said:

Modded Hybrid from Finland:











This looks good. Love that 🍊 is the grill vinyl wrapped or painted and the rear chrome strip painted?

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