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Im Selling My T Sport.

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Hello I'm Jimmy and live in Milton Keynes and im selling my 2004 t sport, only reason is i need to start saving money grrrr!!
So I have a few items if any 1 is interested??

K&N typhoon kit used

Engine strut brace used

Wind deflectors (3dr) used

Cat back exhaust system 4" used

Or the whole car that will be easier ;-).

Let me know if any 1 is interested and I will put some pics up.

Ta jimmy






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Hey mate! How much has it done on the clock? and how much are you selling the car for?

I'm actually interested in the Typhoon Kit depending on how long you've had it for and the condition of it ofcourse, could you post some pictures up please? :chinese:

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I'm at work till 5.30 today so I will put a few pics on later.

It's got 70,000 miles on the clock and it's been serviced ever 5000miles since iv had it.
It was at 47,000 wen i got it back in 2010.
I'm looking for around the £3000 ono.

The typhoon has done around 20000miles
I'd like £75 for it.

Put picks up later. Jimmy ;-)

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Looks great! Got the same Vibe sub myself although I think yours is 12"? Mine is a 10" haha, great subwoofer!

I'll PM you mate.

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Hi, i already contacted K&N, for the 1.4 and 1.6 the k&n is optimised for thise cars. The 1.8 t sport has its own version as the one above.

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