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Clutch Failing

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Hi All,

I have a toyota corolla and it has been making a creaking noise for about 2 months now, today it went to the garage to fix something else and i asked for them to check it and they have said it is a worn clutch but im not sure if that is the case as nothing is failing with the clutch it goes in easy and its not slipping ect....



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Isn't this a known issue and caused by the slave cylinder on the gearbox housing ? I believe some have reported success by giving the cylinder a quick squirt of WD40 (poke the straw through the opening of the protective rubber boot to access it). 30 seconds of a job from opening the bonnet to closing it.

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I did give it a squirt with White Greece and it did stop for a little. but started again the next day.

I only squirted under one of the rubber things I'll have to squirt it again under both rubber bits and let you know how it goes.

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