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Clean Egr Iq2

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Hello i have a IQ2 from 2010 and the egr needs to be clean.

Anyone can tell me if is easy to clean it? or i have to go to the mecanic..

If is possible to do it at home i need some help.


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I have cleaned many MAF Sensors in the past on VW, Seat and Audi etc with alot of success and replaced EGR Valves with bypass once with alot of success also.

If you think that you are having a problem with yours then I think that you should take it to a dealer as I had mine replaced under warranty because the early ones fitted to the iq2 were faulty.

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Do not know if only cleaning would solve this problem... Cause is the wrong placed pipe to the EGR...

I do know there are lots of companies who can clean the EGR valve... Was'nt this mostly with diesel powered cars?

Should be a lot about this on this forum. Please use the search function.

Mine is also from 2010... had the wrong (old model) catalyst-system. That is the cause of the problems.

EGR piping comes from the old type 'before' the catalyst... and the upgraded has the pipe to the EGR coming from 'after' the catalyst.

Mine showed the problem of lack of power, but was after the warranty period of 3 years... and even the extra warranty I had bought.. SOO Toyota said .. sorry but it's not a recall issue.

Only after many many notes / emails / letters to Toyota and the dealer... My last letter was about liability in the case of an accident that had to do with this lack of acceleration power...

Toyota took it's responsibility and had it all replaced. They never spoke about recall or warranty...they just replaced it for free of charge.

Replaced it the (new) catalyst. The EGR valve, as far as I know, has NOT been replaced.

Because it is now 2014 and your iQ is from 2010... It could be hard convincing Toyota to have it replaced...

I'll put the repare note here:


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