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Flat Spot And Missing Caused By Suction Control Valve /valves

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I was told it is possible to clean the contaminated valves by ultrasonic cleaning and can now

confirm it is possible....... A diesel Technician at P.Atkins of Mansfield Notts. told me not to throw the existing faulty

valves but that it might be worth a try at cleaning them. It often transpires that trying to clean them

in the normal fashion does not succeed 100% but cleaning them by the ultrasonic method does indeed work 100%.....

The method is to immerse the valves to be cleaned in 3.5% caustic solution of de-ionized water for 10 minutes then 10 minutes in 5% citric acid solution of deionized water. Flush 10 minutes in plain de-ionized water. Remove and dry and immerse in Isopropanol for a few minutes and open and close the valves with a 6 volt Battery well away from the highly inflammable isopropanol. The method of actuating the valves with the 6 volt Battery is used while the all above cleaning operations are carried out. The 2 wiring circuits are fitted by 2 mini lucar connectors so there is no arcing at the valves. No immersion of the plastic shrouds is advised but they should be watertight but it would be well advised not to wet this part of the valves. Note --- Do not exceed 40C at any time....

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Denso suction control valves a problem that is universal.


I have yet again changed the suction control valves in our D4D Landcruiser but my intention was to isolate by process of elimination

this time which of the red or green valves was at fault. It's all very well there being a so called kit to replace the valves as one

diesel engineer said we usually replace the pair then you are sure the fault is cured...... There are many who think it right to change the

whole pump at around a grand !!!!!!!!!       All I will say is that I fitted a pair of valves and as usual from Mr Thomas diesel -Kent for £160 

the pair.   Perfect as usual with the blistering exceleration this vehicle is capable of  as opposed to the symptoms of get you home mode

with the engine management light on & crap embarasing uphill slug crawl.     A day later I changed the red 096710-0052 valve for the one

that thousands of advisors would say --'swap it for a new un'. The road test proved that the valve removed earlier was not faulty at all

and was perfectly serviceable.     I will before long stick the 'old' two year old green one in & see if indeed the engine becomes faulty again

as a matter of interest and of course with economy in mind as well.     We shall see?

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Well I thought I knew exactly what to do when the Toyota landcruiser Colorado started the usual flat spotting and juddering and soon fitted the spare pair of suction control valves which I knew to be good.   I did not however change the filter which I usually do...... Shame on me for jumping to conclusions which should never be even contemplated with an electromechanical device......

The valves fitted showed the same symptoms but worse than the previous existing valves.  Next job change the filter or I thought for the future first job change the fuel filter.   Blistering acceleration as normal.... That 'Blue Spot' filter I feel certain was changed not very long ago I'm trying a mann one this time as they are supposed to be excellent quality.  We'll see..... Pleanty of spare scv 's in the boot now....

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