Toyota Celica Gt Centre Wheel Caps Help

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I have a Toyota Celica GT '05 and need to find a set of 'GT' centre wheel caps. These are not available from Toyota itself so does anyone know or have a way to find this part??? Thanks!!


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As you say, they're unavailable now, Tom. Your only option is to refurbish the old centre caps.

You can order replacement decals from Mook at

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I have been looking on eBay everyday for a while now with no luck!! Would anyone know where I could buy wheel centres that would fit? Or the exact size of the original clips?

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I've owned my Celica GT for about 6 months now
and i bought mine from a Toyota main dealer when i was buying the car i noticed
one of the centre caps was missing and as i had a lot of sitting about while the
sales person was filling in paper work i asked the parts department if this part
was still available and i was sort of surprised when they said they could still
get them and then he told me they had some in stock and disappeared to get one
but what isn't a surprise to me when he came back the cap didn't have the GT
logo i think it had the Toyota logo and i think it was black. i to have searched
ebay with no luck. i can say i did see a ebay advert for the GT wheels and the
guy who was selling them gave the name of the alloys and the cost of the wheels
new and they are still available to buy new (the wheels that is) so i guess the
centre caps must still be available but with out the GT logo.

if it helps i have attached a pic of what the
cap should look like please excuse the dirty wheels its not been washed for
about 3 weeks and i do about 80 miles a day in the car.

if you want me to measure the cap i can do that
as a long story but i have the spare wheel on at mo and am about to remove the
cap anyway before i take it for repair.

just out of interest did you get 5 alloy wheels
with your car with (no space saver wheel) as this is what i have with my car. im
also guessing the GT wheels are are slightly wider than the T-sport wheels as
the thing that holds the spare wheel down in my car doesn't actually reach the
thread so cant secure the spare wheel!

also if you do find a replacement could you let
me know as im interested in getting some also i think the way to go will be to
get a blank cap then the GT logo done from the link Scarlett arrow

the original caps look like the GT logo is stuck
on anyway coz at least one of my wheels the the red has worn away
or may have had to much use of the wonder wheel cleaner and
this may have eaten the colour away!


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Just to add, the Fondmetal Tech5 alloys as fitted to the GT, are the same size (17"x7J) as the eight spoke alloys fitted to the T Sport. Nick, it sounds like your original spare wheel securing tool, has been replaced with one that was designed to secure a space saver.

The centre caps from the T Sport, and the caps from the 17" six spoke alloys as fitted to the "Style" with the Celica silhouette on the centre cap, are an identical size to the GT caps, all three styles of alloy wheel being supplied by Fondmetal.

HTH :)

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Help need the above centre cap for a RED edition Celica, even if not with logo just plain will do or GT or T as mentioned.  Thanks everso in advance.....

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I am in the middle of refurbishing my alloys and I too have a celica red edition. I have asked mook from skewer UK to supply me with the decals however you will need to respray the centre caps and apply the decal after of which use laquer to make sure they stay on he is selling the decals at £6 for all four. 


If you are looking for centre caps I would suggest removing one and measuring it and getting a universal cap. 

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