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1.6 V Matic Gear Change


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Hi everybody have had this used Auris 1.6 V Matic 6,500 miles on the clock for about 4 months and have experienced gear change problems from day one, changing up in Auto mode from 2nd to 3rd just does not happen all the time it skips 3rd and goes to 4th leaving the engine a labouring mode and I end up using kickdown to get 3rd again, has anybody else experienced this and if so found a cure, some help would be great.


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Presume you have the Multi Mode transmission. Done a quick search on the forum and cannot see anything similar to your issue. There have been a lot more problems with the MMT in the pre-facelift Auris (2007-2010), so perhaps Toyota have been successful in getting the MMT to work more reliably.

Ultimately the MMT is an automated manual gearbox rather than a true automatic, and can be very expensive to repair if they go wrong outside of the warranty (this is also the case with other manufacturer's automated manual gearboxes - eg Mazda, Fiat, etc). Perhaps there is a case for going with a Toyota extended warranty when the new car warranty expires.

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My 2010 MMT Diesel Yaris did this, sometimes, but it missed 4th gear. Along with lots of other totally illogical and dangerous things. But your's is the only other reported instance I've seen regarding skipping a gear.

I wonder if it's the "brain" learning driving style? Maybe a reset of the MMT e.c.u. would help? I think this can only be carried out at a dealer. As it's a 2011 car and still under warranty then I would visit a Toyota dealership.

Probably not an option for you but my expensive "cure" was to get rid! :dontgetit:

Shame really because the Yaris was a good car let down by this awful, failed experiment of gearbox control.

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