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Should The Passenger Airbag Warning Light Stay On, All The Time?

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Bit confused here as to whether the "ON - adult only" light should stay lit, all the time.

The book of words contradicts itself slightly, in that it says:

Front passenger airbag on-off indicator light

Vehicles without smart entry and start system [that'd be us] - these lights come on when the engine switch is set at the "ON" position. It goes off after several seconds... After a few seconds, the passenger airbags "ON" indicator light will come on when the airbags are turn on (sic).

Further down, we are advised to contact Mr T if any of the following occur:

  • The SRS warning light remains on

I'm confused. Should it be on all the time, or off, when driving?


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Yes it will stay on all the time and should you disable the airbag a different light warning that it is off will stay illuminated instead.

The light is a requirement under current EU regulations on new cars

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