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Possible Clutch Issue?

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HI All, good to see an active thread, thank you for everybody's suggestions, Dannier I have never had to change my clutch fluid since owning the car.

However I feel roks may have knocked the nail on the head with his comments, BECAUSE it does seem to happen on colder and more wetter days, so it seems the weather/temperature does seem to have an effect on things, to put it this way, I haven't had the issue happen in the last 2 weeks or so, she changes gear as new and not a squeak of judder, yet I initially started this post, I was so irate by it, so strange, hmmm

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My old Yaris had this when it was cold and/or wet; As far as we could tell it was a combination of light condensation and a wearing clutch (IIRC the clutch itself was okay but the diaphragm spring was pretty buggered).

Changing the clutch parts seemed to do the trick tho'.

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Had the same problem with a another car but there was no solution to it was what my mechanic said. Its just how the cars built really, i know how it feels when people look at you when it judders when taking off in gear 1, awful sound. Just add more gas thats all really. He also said you can change the clutch too if you want it may help.

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Hi Steven,

Seems you still come in to the forum now and then.

Just wanted to follow up on this thread to see if you still found over the last year that it really was the dampers bushes/bearing that were causing the judder or that it was more a case of the damper compounding the early signs of a worn clutch.


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Yeah the juddering on my car was because of the aux tensionser damper developing play in its bushings.

Replaced it for another and its been fine nearly 3 years on. Its a comon problem with the vvt engines

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Thanks Steven, did not realise you were online.

I did disconnect damper when replacing the belt last year and found just the slightest of play, about 1mm, though I was only getting a bit of judder when things were really warmed up.

I did have the clutch replaced because I was getting slipage on power and that has cured it and all judder.

Sammy is still getting judder but has not yet removed the belt and damper to properly inspect those bushes, but as said its only a 30 min job.

Just that its a hard one to understand how a few mm play in those damper bushes can cause the judder ?

Wondered if you can offer any explanation how it actually causes the judder ?

Thanks again.

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Oddly i get email notifications. I very rarely come on here. Mainly on c.c.u.k

The belt tensioner tightens and loosens as the engine both increases in revs and between high and low loads. If it didnt, the belt would flap about.

This movements exaggerated by the play if its not dampened correctly causing the judder.

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