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To All That Know Me

Celica Zed

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Please some of u out there will know my ex fiance and her new bloke they both frequent this site and another that i will not mention cos if u dont know u dont need to know

She did the dirty on me but hey she is a lot younger than me and the guy she has gone with is about her age and can offer what i cant

I dont hate her or him for what has happened so please dont give either of them grief

Whats done is done

I will be ok eventually

I may even become mates with him 1 day like me and her still are

If u just read this and have not a clue what i am on about think yourself lucky lol

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mate i had the same problem with you!.,

felt like drinking my way through it, but the best way i found was take the rev counter to the red line and throw money at the baby celica.

ps my active sport is afar better ride than the ex missus,,,,,

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