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Could anyone help me out and tell me what's the largest wheel and tyre combo you can fit on a standard iq. Worried about the tyres rubbing the wheel arches on full lock. Also does it change the speed reading on the speedo.Just want to make the car look a bit more sporty. Can't lower the suspension where I live because of all the speed bumps on the roads.

Any help much appreciated.

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Welcome Alan...

We have the same here in Holland with the speed-bumps...

My car is higher (a little) mostly in the back..due to stronger springs... but even now I have to slow down at our bumps in the living aria (max 15 miles (30 kilomers/hr) ... I hit them with the front rubberwindthingies... on the way up AND on the way down...

Soo.. lowering is not really an option..

Back on topic:

I was with the tire center and asked what they could do with the standard rims under the iQ... It was easy for them to find the widest tires... all in graphic-charts and so...

Maybe buy the rims first and then the tires?

Just go to such a tire center and talk with them... they can also provide the rims.. But then again..I bought my rims on eBay... they where new from an Opel Corsa (Vauxhall Corsa?)...

Only needed some adjustment rings... very easy.. The tires I bought also by eBay (winter tires) from an older iQ owner...brand new.. :-)

PS Please show some pics of your car and/or tell some more about yourself .. But maybe I missed something you posted... :-)

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There are various tyre/wheel size calculators available on the internet where you can input your tyre/wheel size, see what options you have and the effect the options will have on speedometer readings - examples:


In the UK it is illegal for a speedometer to show less than the actual speed (ie under read). For all speeds between 25 and 70 mph the indicated speed must not exceed 110% of the actual speed plus 6.25 mph - so at an actual speed of 50mph, a speedo must not show more than 61.25 mph.

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didn't think you could fit 18 inch rims on such a small car. does it handle better on the corners than with the original wheels and is the ride a bit more harder. thought tyres that wide would rub the inner wheel arches.

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If you search the forum you'll find a few good topics on this :)

I've got 205/45/17 wheels and tyres with a ET37. I went for this offset as I've always wanted a good base if I had to put coil overs on it but your get away with an ET40 with ease as many on here have this. Don't go wider than a 215 wide tyre if your planning on lowering, which your not so should be fine but a 215 tyre or wider might scrap the inner fender as the IQ's turning circle is so tight.

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