What Happened To My Track-Day Thread?

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I posted a thread earlier today regarding a Toyota-only track-day I have helped to organise at Blyton park, which seems to have disappeared. Apologies for any misunderstanding or if I have over-stepped a line somehow, but I should point out that I'm not affiliated with Blyton or Javelin in any way, nor am I profiting from this at all. I'm merely trying to get a group of like-minded enthusiasts together for an event that people may not ordinarily consider taking part in.

I'm not trying to make waves here but I have been on various Toyota OC forums for several years now and usually if a thread is moderated or deleted the OP is made aware by PM or email what the issue is. Can you let me know what the problem here was please?

I'd still like to make the day available to TOC members, as I have to members of all other Toyota based ckubs I am am member of (IMOC, MR2OC, MR2ROC,, etc etc). Hopefully we can work this out as it's already shaping up to be an excellent day and I wouldn't want anyone here to miss out :)



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May I suggest you repost as I have only seen your post in the new introduction's section...

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Remember reading your post earlier, and accessed it via the 'recent topics' section - so not sure what section it was actually posted in.

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