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Cigarette Lighter Socket Fuse Blown


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re TOYOTA Rav4 March to August 1999 three door.

Hello I was using an air compressor plugged into the cigarette lighter socket when it stopped working. I tried my son's compressor and that didn't work either, it had just been working on his car.

I think I found the fuse for it under the heading CIG in the fuse box located under the steering wheel. II's a 15 volt one. It looks ok. In the manual it shows a third fuse box, I don't know if this is the one I need, but I can't find it. Can you help me with this please?

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They say there is a fuse link on the actual back of the cig lighter socket itself. It's a wire about 4mm long that can blow but I would expect the fuse in the fusebox would blow before that. They also say that the connector at the back of the cig lighter comes partly off. That is a nightmare to get to and you do well to remove the red CL box that is behind it.

I checked mine a few days ago as it was not working from when I had the car; there was power to the socket but no fuse link had blown. As I could only guess that there was an actual problem with the socket and as I don't smoke I took it out completely. That was a real game. Then I direct wired a four way to the connector. Never looked back as I have Tomtom and other stuff to plug in.

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Thanks for your helpful reply. My son has taken the socket out and has ordered another from ebay so I hope this works.

Welcome. Did you test for power at the connector??

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