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1990 Ae92 Toyota Corolla Liftback For Sale


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Hi everyone,

I'm putting my 1990 Liftback up for sale now that the insurance for the GTi has dropped to a sensible price. Here is the car:











Engine - 1.3L 2E 12 Valve, 4 cylinder Engine, Carburetted (75bhp)

Chassis - 1990 Liftback GL, 5 Door

ICE - New Pioneer Head Unit, AUX, Front USB, standard 4" front Speakers and standard 6x9" rear Speakers

Work Done:

All work done on this car has been documented in the following Thread so read for details: http://www.ae92ownersclub.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/1494-1990-gl-liftback-restoration-rebuild/

*Extensive Welding to rear section of the floor pan, suspension turret and inner wheel arch

*Cylinder Head removed, de-coked and Valve Lapped - The gasket was replaced but the head was removed to de-coke the engine, not because of any gasket failure or similar issue.

*Carburettor and all emissions control systems replaced

*Inlet Manifold Replaced

*Battery Replaced (Halfords Calcium)

*Exhaust System Replaced - Downpipe, Centre Section & Back Box

*Braking System Replaced - Master Cylinder Seals, Hose Technik Front Braided Brake Lines, APEC Rear Brake Flexible Hose, APEC Rear Drum Brake Cylinders, replacement copper rear brake lines, front pads, refurbished front callipers, new front discs.

*New front left tyre replaced, tracking and 4 wheel alignment completed. (3 Uniroyal Rain Tyres and one Pirelli)

*Instrument Cluster Lights replaced with LED Blue - they offer better clarity over the old yellowish units.

*New oil, coolant and filters - timing belt is a recent replacement (4000 miles approx)

*Full new clutch kit - cover plate, drive plate and bearing

There is an awful lot that has gone into this vehicle and now it drives just as it should, however there are some things to make buyers aware of:

*Two dented front wings

*Small chip in windscreen (has passed MOT's for 9 years before me and mine has flown through with it)

*Rust on front door corners (both will eventually need to be replaced, drivers door still available from Toyota)

*Surface rust on Tailgate

*Surface Rust on Rear Right Quarter (brake fluid spillage? Hasn't been getting worse)

*Cold start is a pig but it does start every time and once choke comes off it runs like a sewing machine.

*Rear Mud flaps need fitting (parts included in deal)

*Spare Tyre needs replacing

*Rear Left Window Winder Handle needs a new circlip to hold it on.

None of these problems require immediate attention as the car is now driving safely and smoothly, however I feel obliged to tell you about these small issues.

The car has done close to 109000 miles and is mechanically sound. Tax until August, MOT until September 2014.

£700 asking price - negotiations possible.

If you have any further questions please contact me here or via e-mail at parris-jones@hotmail.co.uk


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