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Suggestions On Cd Player


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Right i have two questions, in one post.

a) I want a cheap sub and amp that will give me base, more base. I dont particular want louder i just want base (without degrading qulaity either).

Oh and i want it small.

Which cheap sub and amp would be best for me.

B) I have installed a new Cd player coz i felt like it, for those that have done it what did you do with the old CD player? Did you cover it or what? i would like to get rid of it.

Well Cheers


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Well urm! You cud get an amp like mine for around £60 altogetha includin P+P! and a sony sub for £50 includin p+p.

So yes, thats £110! Il let you know what its like, coz im after bass! Gona get the profs to fit it for me.

Oh btw ud need a amp kit, but u can get on eBay for around £15

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