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Knocking Noise From Nearside Rear Wheel

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First post on the forum so any help is much appreciated.

I’ve got a 2004 RAV4 which went in for a service last month
and ended up with new brakes and disks all the way round, despite the fact the
last set were less than 10000 miles old.

About 2 weeks after the service I notice a knocking noise
from the nearside rear wheel which only stopped when I applied the brakes. At first
it was intermittent but after a couple of weeks if was eavy time I used the
car. I took it back to the garage today and they have dismantled and rebuilt
the the brakes and replaced the brake fluid and couldn’t find anything wrong.

Driving home from the garage the noise stared again after
about 1 mile. I now need to take it bake to the garage but as they didn’t find
anything last time I’m not sure what they will do now other than dismantled even
more the car and give me a large bill.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated :ermm:

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Hi Andrew and a big welcome to the club.

You are having problems with your motor that were not there before you took it in to the garage.

Things can go wrong at any time after which may have nothing to do with what was done at the time.

This does not seem to be the case this time and anything that needed to be done should usually be done FOC to keep your future custom.

I cannot understand why they would think that that changing the fluid could have any affect on just one wheel,but if anyone knows better feel free to advise

Are you a regular patron of this garage?

No one here can guess how long your brakes can last as we do not know how often or how heavy you are with your left foot?

I suggest that you speak to the manager or owner and explain, in a reasonable manner,why you are not happy with the way your car is now as you expected the car to be safe after the work was done on it by them and to your mind this is not now the case.

Hope you get this sorted OK, let us know how you get on with this as it may help others on here.

Again welcome


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The garage should have explained to you why new brakes were required after only 10000miles e.g. disks rusted up - in the circumstances they should also have retained the old parts to illustrate the issue.

There are many possible reasons for the knock you are experiencing - issues with the brake fluid isn't one of them! They may (or may not) have stripped the brake to identify the knock issue but the onus is on them to do further work to solve the problem at no cost to you - you just need to be firm with them.

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I had the same problem after my brakes were all renewed, it had new discs, calipers and pads on the rear as everything was badly worn and seizing up.

The knocking noise on mine was because the pads were moving around in the calipers, they had not renewed the spring clips that prevent this happening.


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thanks for the replies and info, taking it back to the garage tomorrow. i'll mention the spring clips to them.

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