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Never A Group Buy For Celicas.!


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Why is there never any Celica group buys??????

Yaris seem to have the monopoly on these group buys recently and good on ya Jaxx you go do for it.

Please can some one sort out a celi group buy.

Please no sarcastic comments. :ph34r:


Ash. :lol:

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Apart from a little mod or 2 for more power cant say there is much that will make my girl look any better.

Hey i also need to add i had my first date last night since my recent split went well i took her home early (this morning)


typical bloke eh! got to brag


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how come u women always so sensible

i had snip so no hassle in dad thing, but the other maybe a problem hhhhmmmmm

i not used to all this dating stuff maybe i need a lesson

but hey it was fun...........best 30 seconds of her day lol

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