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Squeek On Steering


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Hi All!

My car a 2001 Avensis 1.8 gs auto (21k), makes a horrible squeek / grinding sound when reversing on full lock after a thirty mile drive from work to home. It sounds like it comes from the steering as soon as the car moves backwards.

Any ideas.


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Hi, If you have a look at past posts this is a known problem, and seems to have been an issue for a couple of years. Toyota started off by changing steering racks, and this fixed a few of these problems. For others like myself this has not helped at all. I recently took mine in for a service and was told "yes its a known problem, but it is not dangerous". I have conflicting information as to whether Toyota are working on a fix. It has been reported that they are, but of course now there is a new model out they are likely to be working flat out on any problems that arise with that.

My advice is to stick with the extended warrantee if you have one, and to phone up Toyota head office and complain. 01737367600, they are likely to tell you to take it to a dealer, but the dealer will not be able to fix it.

We all have to keep the pressure on and keep our fingers crossed - maybe a mail to watchdog may help too :D


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The steering on my car (51 1.8VVTi GS manual) was squeaking as you turned the wheel especially at low speed, with an additional, brief grinding noise during reversing which happened only very occasionally. Took it back to the dealer and have had, FOC under warranty, a new steering column, steering rack, PAS pump and pipes (although not noted on receipt) and front crossmember. Steering now quiet and generally feeling better.

When I mentioned that this was a common problem, the dealer said the rack was now of a new design.

As usual, excellent service under warranty without any arguments. Have been through Toyout GB about other problems and, as others have said, they just put you in touch with the dealer. Worth being persistent and polite, however frustrating it feels!



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Thankyou all for your replies, the car is due a service in the next 1000 miles, so I will get it all sorted, along with the other things, like a very slow electric window on the drivers side. I will let you al know what they do to it.


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